Mutual Fund Accounting System Testing, Deployment, and Support

While I worked in a large mutual fund company’s fund accounting information technology group in the late 1990s, I spent most of my time working with a new replacement application for the accountants to use collecting and processing prices daily for stocks and other securities.

When I started in the group, the development work was well under way. Shortly after I started, it became apparent that a large effort would be required to test or qualify the system before it was deployed in production, and we did not have the staff on hand to do that testing work. We hired consultants from one of the big few consulting companies. I worked with them to describe the required behavior of the system and prioritize their work and they created and ran the test cases as versions of the software were ready to be tested.

During development and testing, we discovered things that did not work as needed by the pricing group. I worked with the pricing group and developers to understand what changes were needed and get them made in the software (and be reflected in the tests, too). Some of these changes were minor (reorder these columns in a report), but some were significant (the workflow of the application needs to change to match the workflow of the users, or the vendor we are using has a different file format for the data). Some of these changes delayed the transition to the new system.

Around the time the software went into production, I managed the logistics of the changeover and provided first-line support as the transition happened. While there were minor issues, the transition was successful. After the transition, I receded to being second-line support and continued to work with the pricing team and developers to make incremental changes to the application.

Towards the end of my time at the company, it was involved in a merger, and I participated in the technical planning for operations after the merger and how the pricing system would interface with systems in the merged organization.

This is the job where I first carried significant responsibility for deployment and production use of a mission-critical, time-sensitive custom-built application. 



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