Customer Service Dashboard

At Opera Solutions, I worked on designs for a proposed customer service dashboard UI. The scenario presented here is based on an airline setting for customer service.

The two roles the system was meant to serve were front-line customer service representatives and managers of customer service.


For the customer service representative, it’s useful to know the situation when dealing with a customer, including the customer’s history and their current trip situation.


Work on this system design before I was involved was in the form of a set of screens with lots of information, but not organized and prioritized for front-line customer service representatives’s needs.


I worked with people who knew the customer service work and could prioritize the information for a representative dealing with one customer. They marked up the previous drafts, indicating the most important information with two circles, typically useful information with one circle, and left the rest as sometimes. useful.


With this prioritization and an understanding of the relationships between the data and the customer service situation, I could work with our visual designer to reorganize and prioritize the information.

For the customer service manager role, the usage was different: first to get an overview of open issues, the drill down by category, down to individual issues when needed.

To provide an overview, I proposed tables organized by category and highlighted by number and percentage of issues above, with individual issues listed in a table below. In in the issues table, measures shown as numbers, horizontal bars, and sparkline trends.


Clicking on rows in the category tables above filter the issues tables below.

I wasn’t involved in this project further, but got feedback that these designs helped the team move forward to create and improve customer service representative and manager interfaces.



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