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Opera Solutions’ Signal Hub value proposition prominently includes ‘data democratization’ — making understanding of and access to analytics data available to business people in a client organization.


After many concepts and iterations were considered, an analytics data browser organized by business-oriented metadata was built. During this process, I would

  • probe and rearticulate the business and user value propositions and usage scenarios,
  • understand and propose organizations for the analytics data and possible business-oriented metadata,
  • create interactive prototypes based on these understandings with Axure,
  • present to and get feedback from many stakeholders of the concepts and prototypes, and
  • incorporate that feedback into revised concepts and prototypes.

An early version of the released Knowledge Center looked like this:

I worked closely with a visual designer and the lead front-end developer.


These images show just a few of the capabilities of the Knowledge Center. Other areas and capabilities include:

  • different details shown on demand by hovering the pointer over different kinds of items in the Knowledge Center,
  • organizing and presenting full information about an item when clicked,
  • compiling a list of data of interest within the UI, and
  • different ways to highlight and filter diagrams based on the user’s context.


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