Big Data Development System

An important part of Opera Solution’s value proposition is to speed the processes of turning data into actionable analytics. A key piece of software to enable this is the Signal Hub Integrated Development Environment (IDE).


The IDE shares many features with previous IDEs, but is most distinguished by a dual-mode coding interface: a form-based UI and a text code area continuously kept in sync with each other. These images are like those used before the dual-mode UI was developed, and later as visual design effort was invested to clarify and beautify the UI.

Another less-common feature of the Signal Hub IDE is the ability to see an interactive diagram of the code components, including

  • the relationships and data flows between code components,
  • the upstream and downstream dependencies on an individual component,
  • highlighting of components with or missing particular attributes, and
  • details of particular attributes on demand.

These are some of the highlights of my design work on the IDE, presented here as recreated designs without actual visual design applied.

This work was done primarily in Axure, and a limited recreated online prototype is available to show some of the interactive diagram features.



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