Big Data, Enterprise, and Complex Systems

Most of my professional design work has been in enterprise systems dealing with large amounts of data in complex domains. I’ve enjoyed the challenges these systems pose and the satisfaction of seeing the systems developed and deployed to make users’ work lives better.

Big Data Analytics Development System

Opera Solutions Signal Hub IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is the key user-facing system to speed the deployment of big data analytics systems. I worked on preliminary interaction design and the details of interactive system diagrams.

Big Data System Explorer

Opera Solutions Signal Hub Knowledge Center is the system to democratize access to analytics data to business people within a company deploying big data analytics systems. I worked on many iterations of prototypes searching for useful approaches, then worked with visual design and development people to define the details of organization, interaction and visualization.

Service Employee Dashboard

An Opera Solutions client was looking for ideas for how to use analytics data to support customer service operations. I worked with team members to clarify different users’ usage, prioritize and organize needed information, and propose a novel interactive summary display.

SaaS Systems Management v.2 Interaction Framework

New Relic had successfully launched and updated their APM application performance monitoring and management solution, but as they sought to expand it’s scope in v.2, they knew they needed to revisit the system’s organization. In a two-week engagement, I worked with a small team to clarify users and goals, articulate archetypical scenarios, establish an interaction framework and sketch key screens.

New Systems Management App for a Startup

BlueStripe Software hired me to start with newly-developed software monitoring technology and define a new application, FactFinder, released eight months later.

Fast Iterations for Startup’s New Systems Management App

After the release of BlueStripe Software’s FactFinder 1.0, we worked quickly to address needs that weren’t addressed in the initial release. One result was the definition of a new performance measurement calculated and displayed in FactFinder.

Systems Management App Redesign: Framework, Details, Visual

At Wily Technology, after years of successfully selling Introscope, leaders recognized that to speed and increase sales and adoption, the software needed significant renovation. I worked in a team that, after defining the users and scenarios we were targeting (see below), defined an interaction framework to better support those users, and established a new visual design system.

Describing Enterprise Users and Scenarios for Design

An important early part of the Wily Technology Introscope redesign work (see above) was to enumerate the different users, goals, situations and collaborations that Introscope was (and was not) intended to address.

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Big Data, Enterprise, and Complex Systems

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